Job Vacancies

Ossila Limited is undergoing rapid growth and is often recruiting. We are based at the University of Sheffield's North Campus, which gives us the best of both worlds - industry and academia.

Company information

Founded in Sheffield in 2009, Ossila Limited is a fast-growing SME that provides a catalogue of specialised materials and equipment to researchers around the world. Approximately 75% of our sales are exported to more than 600 institutions in over 50 countries, and we have many of the world's leading research institutions as customers.

We are looking to expand rapidly in the next few years, and are searching for enthusiastic people to help us grow and believe that. In return, Ossila offers the opportunity to join an exciting enterprise and experience life in a high-growth, high-tech environment.

We aim to provide technically-challenging projects and exposure to aspects of commercial activities. Previous student projects have also led to entirely new business units and permanent positions.


Current Vacancies

Thank you for your interest. At present we have no job vacancies available. 

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