Thin-Film Test Equipment

For use with photovoltaic, OLED, OFET, sensing and thin-film materials, Ossila offers the following test and measurement equipment.

Test Systems (Equipment plus Software)

Test and measurement systems with complimentary software to characterise your thin-film devices.

Solar Cell I-V Test System

Reliable & accurate characterisation of photovoltaic devices. Take full control of your solar cell measurements with the system's easy-to-use PC software - no programming knowledge necessary! Part of the Institute of Physics award-winning Ossila Solar Cell Prototyping platform , Ossila's Solar Cell I-V System is a low-cost solution...

Solar Cell I-V Test System From £995.00

Four-Point Probe System

Quick & accurate characterisation for a wide range of materials. Experience effortless sheet resistance measurements with the system's easy-to-use PC software. Part of the Institute of Physics award-winning Ossila...

Four-Point Probe System From £1,800.00

OLED Lifetime System

The Ossila OLED lifetime system is designed to provide a long-term and low-cost solution to OLED lifetime testing. Lifetime testing is a necessary tool for optimising the stability of your OLED devices and minimising degredation over time. Combining a source-measure unit with specially designed OLED Lifetime System From £1,395.00

Xtralien: Precision Test & Measurement

Xtralien facilitates precision test and measurement by providing the hardware and software required for users to create their own low-cost and effective scientific systems.

Source Measure Unit (X200)

Source voltage, measure current, get data Simplify and accelerate your data collection with the Ossila Source Measure Unit The ability to control instruments is a key skill for experimental scientists and engineers. We’ve designed the Ossila Source Measure Unit...

Source Measure Unit (X200) From £995.00

PV and OLED Test Equipment

A collection of manual and computer control test board and measurement equipment for PV and OLED.

OFET and Sensor Test & Measurement Equipment

Field-effect transistor electrical test boards and probe station for characterising OFET substrates in our low-density and high-density OFET systems.