We are humbled and delighted that our materials & test equipment have enabled scientists from numerous research fields worldwide to accelerate their research. Below are some words from several of our customers and collaborators:


"Ossila’s pre-patterned substrates and compatible test equipment have enabled researchers to significantly increase the production rate of devices - and most notably, made possible the reliable comparison of data, ensuring consistency and accuracy."

Professor Natalie Stingelin

- Professor of Functional Organic Materials, Imperial College London

- Associate Editor, Journal of Materials Chemistry C



"Ossila’s products and well-optimised procedures have contributed to the education of students in Physics. With a modest investment, my student labs can be equipped with the necessary setup to allow students to fabricate their own OPVs or OLEDs. This provides a holistic approach in studying the photophysics of organic semiconductor devices."

Professor Pavlos Lagoudakis

- Deputy Head of School for Research (Physics and Astronomy), University of Southampton



"We used Ossila's substrates in some of our final year projects (both BSc and MPhys). The high quality and ease-of-use of Ossila’s substrates allowed us to run several undergraduate projects, where the substrates are used as transparent electrodes to perform photoconductivity measurements from organic semiconductors."

Dr. Ali M. Adawi

- Senior Lecturer in Physics & Astrophysics, University of Hull



"Great products and service. Have already recommended to many people."

Dr. Gregory Welch

- Assistant Professor in Chemistry, University of Calgary



"Ossila have been an incredibly pro-active industry partner to the EPSRC-funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Photovoltaics (CDT-PV). They have provided expert training on the use of highly relevant software and technology to our cohorts of students, specifically on using the Python programming language with their Xtralien X100 Source Meter. Furthermore, they have proved a fantastic opportunity for our students to see exactly how to set up, operate and expand an SME. Ossila's involvement with the CDT-PV continues to broaden our students’ horizons and increase their employability following their graduate studies. We look forward to their involvement in our training and projects."

Dr. Robert Treharne

- Academic Manager, EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Photovoltaics (CDT-PV)



"Ossila provides high-quality materials and useful accessories."

Maciej Klein

- PhD Student in Molecular Photophysics, Gdansk University of Technology



"Ossila’s components are of high quality, excellent consistency, and are readily available in sensible quantities. This means the only variables that change when we make devices are the actual variables we planned to study. This helps us push forward our fundamental research more quickly than we would otherwise be able to achieve."

Dr. Alan Dunbar

- Senior Lecturer in Energy, University of Sheffield



"Very convenient and products are of good quality. Quantities are appropriate for most applications."

Dr. Joseph O’Mahony

- Principal Investigator, Nanotechnology Research Group, Waterford Institute of Technology




At Ossila, we openly welcome honest and constructive feedback from our customers. It helps us understand which areas we are excelling at, and identify which areas we could potentially improve on. If you would like to leave any feedback for us, you can do so by filling out the simple feedback form here.


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