Test Systems (with software)

Test and measurement equipment complete with integrated control hardware and complimentary control software for OPV, OFET, OLED, sensing and thin-film materials.

Test Systems (Equipment plus Software)

Test and measurement systems with complimentary software to characterise your thin-film devices.

Solar Cell I-V Test System

Reliable & accurate characterisation of photovoltaic devices. Take full control of your solar cell measurements with the system's easy-to-use PC software - no programming knowledge necessary! Part of the Institute of Physics award-winning Ossila Solar Cell Prototyping platform , Ossila's Solar Cell I-V System is a low-cost solution for reliable characterisation of photovoltaic devices. The PC software (included with all variants of the system) measures...

Solar Cell I-V Test System From £995.00

Four-Point Probe System

Quick & accurate characterisation for a wide range of materials. Experience effortless sheet resistance measurements with the system's easy-to-use PC software. Part of the

Four-Point Probe System From £1,800.00

OLED Lifetime System

The Ossila OLED lifetime system is designed to provide a long-term and low-cost solution to OLED lifetime testing. Lifetime testing is a necessary tool for optimising the stability of your OLED devices and minimising degredation over time. Combining a source-measure unit with specially designed test boards and intuitive software provides a robust and user-friendly OLED lifetime testing system.

OLED Lifetime System From £1,395.00