Research & Development Team

Should you have any technical questions about any Ossila products or would like some advice on fabrication and measurement processes, please complete the form below and a member of our R&D team will be happy to help.

Dr. Pier Marchisio - Head of R&D

Dr Pier Marchisio - Head of R&DLeading Ossila’s R&D team, Pier is responsible for the development and quality control of our measurement systems and processing equipment. He has significant of OFET fabrication and characterisation, measurement systems and surface treatments for OFET and TFT substrates, however his specialist area is programming. Pier has a PhD in quantum computer architecture and quantum information, and since joining the company in 2012, he has been responsible for writing the code for all of Ossila’s commercial software, including FACT1, SuperFACT, and Easy JV Sweep.

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Dr. Max Reinhardt

Dr Max Reinhardt - Ossila Technical SupportMax joined Ossila in 2013 after a PhD in inorganic and functional materials chemistry from the University of Edinburgh, where he developed expertise in thin-film solution processing, small molecule synthesis and crystal growth. He has experience in OFET device fabrication and characterisation, and as an applications scientist at Ossila he is responsible for the manufacture of our pre-fabricated FET substrates, custom formulations and perovskite precursor materials. In addition, his role in technical sales and support provides all our customers with advanced product support, with a particular focus on the spin coater, materials and contract fabrications. Max also travels as Ossila's representative, giving presentations at conferences and training workshops and providing face-to-face support.

Dr. Darren Watters - Research Associate

Dr Darren Watters - Ossila Research AssociateHaving achieved an MPhys Hons in Astrophysics at St Andrews University, Darren moved to the University of Sheffield to specialise in organic photovoltaics and work towards his PhD. During this time he had 10 papers accepted for publication and won Merck’s best student poster award in 2011. Darren is Ossila’s perovskite expert and has been responsible for developing our range of perovskite precursor inks. His research in this area has enabled him to create our fabrication guides too, in order to help our customers to produce highly efficient perovskite solar cells.

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Dr. Lydia Heathcote

Dr. Lydia Heathcote - Ossila Electronic EngineerAs the R&D team’s Electronic Engineer, Lydia develops Ossila’s range of test and measurement circuit boards. She has a PhD from the University of Manchester’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, where she was also a Research Assistant specialising in instrumentation to detect and image corrosion in steel rebars and medical instrumentation. Lydia has experience in the electronics and communications industry, having worked as an RF (Radio Frequency) and SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Filter Design Engineer, before starting her PhD.

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M.A. Hadi Hassan

Hadi Hassan - Ossila Control Systems EngineerHadi is a PhD student working in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Sheffield. He received his Master of Science degree in Advanced Control and Systems Engineering from the University of Manchester in 2010. His main research interest is in the robotics area, primarily focusing on the design and implementation of versatile scansorial robots. At Ossila he has helped to develop a number of new products, including the Spin Coater and FACT1 system.

Dr Hunan Yi - Research Associate

Dr Hunan Yi - Ossila Research AssociateHunan is Ossila’s organic chemist, specialising in polymers and functional materials synthesis, polymeric semiconductors, and purification of conjugated polymers. Having achieved an MSc from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry in 1998, Hunan moved to St Andrews University to study towards his PhD in Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells where he then remained as Research Fellow until 2004. He then became a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Sheffield, before working with both the University and Ossila as a KTA associate in 2015.

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