Processing Equipment

Our current range of Processing Equipment for fabrication of thin film transistor, solar cells, OLEDs and surface treatments.

Spin Coater

Produce high-quality coatings without any substrate warping. Vacuum-free, compact, and portable - perfect for busy labs with limited space. Part of the Institute of Physics award-winning Ossila Solar Cell Prototyping Platform, the Ossila Spin Coater offers the ideal spin-coating solution for a busy lab where space is at a premium. Spin coating is a widely used and versatile technique for depositing...

Spin Coater From £1,950.00

UV Ozone Cleaner

Ossila's UV Ozone cleaning system is capable of removing contamination on the surface of samples, providing you with ultraclean surfaces within minutes. By using a high-power UV light source, ozone is generated - which then breaks down surface contaminants into volatile compounds. These volatile compounds evaporate from the surface leaving no trace. This method can produce near-atomically clean surfaces without...

UV Ozone Cleaner From £1,950.00

Slot-Die Coater

Precision slot-die coating, even in small laboratories. Compact & affordable, the Ossila Slot-Die Coater enables scale-up processing for both beginners & experts. Compatible with both roll-to-roll and sheet-to-sheet deposition processes, slot-die coating is one of the best techniques for scalable thin-film deposition. Its wide processing window ensures stable defect-free deposition for various solution viscosities. Film uniformity is highly accurate, and thickness is...

Slot-Die Coater From £4,995.00

Syringe Pump

If you are seeking better control and efficiency over your experiments, a precision-programmable syringe pump is perfect for your research needs. Ossila have developed low-cost, high-precision syringe pumps - designed to make life in the lab easier by enabling the automatic dispensing of solutions. Available in single or dual pump models, both types come with easy-to-use inbuilt software (no external...

Syringe Pump From £1,290.00

Dip Coater

The Ossila Dip Coater is now available for purchase. The estimated shipping date is currently 2 weeks from ordering.   The Ossila Dip Coater provides high-performance specifications, simple-to-use integrated software, and low costs, giving researchers the tools to coat high-quality films at a reasonable price. Dip coating is one of the most widely-used coating processes in industry and academia for...

Dip Coater From £1,800.00

Contact Angle Goniometer

Rapid contact angle measurements with easy & accurate analysis. Optimise inks & coatings efficiently with HD recording & intuitive PC software.   The Ossila Contact Angle Goniometer provides a fast, reliable, and easy method to measure the contact angle of a droplet on a surface. With its low price, compact size, and intuitive PC software - the barrier-to-entry is lowered, enabling...

Contact Angle Goniometer From £1,500.00