All Processing Equipment

Our current range of Processing Equipment for fabrication of thin film transistor, solar cells, OLEDs and surface treatments.

Spin Coater

Produce high-quality coatings without any substrate warping Vacuum-free, compact, and portable - perfect for busy labs with limited space Part of the Institute of Physics award-winning Ossila Solar Cell Prototyping...

Spin Coater From £1,950.00

UV Ozone Cleaner

Ultraclean surfaces within minutes Produce near-atomically clean surfaces without causing damage to the sample   Ossila's UV Ozone Cleaner is capable of removing contamination on the surface of samples, providing you with ultraclean surfaces within minutes. By using a...

UV Ozone Cleaner From £1,950.00

Glove Box

Laboratory glove box system for inert atmosphere processing and chemistry Create cheap-to-maintain Nitrogen or Argon environments for the processing of air sensitive chemicals The new inert atmosphere laboratory glove box from Ossila can create and maintain low oxygen and moisture environments for the...

Glove Box From £6,000.00

Slot-Die Coater

Precision slot-die coating, even in small laboratories Scale-up your thin-film processing with our compact and affordable Slot-Die Coater Compatible with both roll-to-roll and sheet-to-sheet deposition processes, slot-die coating is one of the best techniques for scalable thin-film deposition. Its wide processing...

Slot-Die Coater From £5,990.00

Syringe Pump

Low price, programmable, automatic syringe pump Precision syringe pump available in single or dual pump models for infusion and extrusion of solutions Syringe pumps (also known as syringe drivers) are used to move fixed volumes of solutions at a specified rate. Scientific syringe...

Syringe Pump From £1,290.00

Dip Coater

Precision dip coating coating machine Produce high quality thin films every time with the Ossila Dip Coater The Ossila Dip Coater provides high-performance specifications and simple-to-use integrated software – giving researchers the tools to coat high-quality films at a reasonable price....

Dip Coater From £1,800.00

Spin Coater & Syringe Pump Bundle

Ossila’s Spin Coater + Syringe Pump Bundle includes both pieces of equipment, along with a FREE connection adapter, disposable syringes, PTFE tubing, and needles.  The adapter enables you to easily combine the precision and automatic control of our Syringe Pump with the versatility of our Spin Coater. It also allows up to four different streams of solution to be dispensed (using the...

Spin Coater & Syringe Pump Bundle From £3,200.00

Slot-Die Coater Accessories

Ossila's Slot-Die Coater comes with a range of accessories included with the system. However, it can be beneficial to have additional accessories to speed up the processing of devices, reduce chances of cross contamination, or to allow for the processing of a wider variety of solutions and parameters. Below is the full range of accessories that can be purchased to go alongside...

Slot-Die Coater Accessories From £30.00

Spin Coater Chucks

We stock a range of milled polypropylene (solvent safe) chucks compatible with the Ossila Spin Coater. The interchangeable chucks have a push-fit base that fit firmly onto the Ossila Spin Coater's coupling for ease of use.

Spin Coater Chucks From £199.00