Pixelated Cathode Substrates

An older design of prepatterned ITO for photovoltaics now depreciated by the 8 pixel photovoltaic substrates.

From £425

ITO Substrates for Photovoltaics (Pixelated Cathode)

Pre-patterned ITO substrates for OPV/OLED testing. Use with our cathode deposition mask (E341) to create individual pixels.

From £500

ITO Substrate Packs for Photovoltaics (Pixelated Cathode)

Ossila's substrate packs contain the substrate consumables required for making and testing fully encapsulated OLEDs and OPVs for measurement under ambient conditions

From £199

Cathode Deposition Masks for Pixelated Cathode Substrates

A shadow mask for deposition of cathodes (or anodes) to define the active area onto Ossila's pixelated cathode substrates (S171).

From £199

Active Area Deposition Masks for Pixelated Cathode Substrates

A shadow mask for deposition onto the active area of pixels for Ossila standard OLED/OPV substrates (S171). Used for depositing metal oxides or other materials onto the ITO (only over the active pixels).

From £69

Measurement Aperture Masks for Pixelated Cathode Substrates

Measurement aperture masks with electrochemically-etched holes to accurately define the active area of a pixel during measurement and to stop indirect/scattered light. Useful for OPV measurements under solar simulators or OLEDs with luminance meters. For use with pixelated cathode substrates (S171) in the push fit test board (E371).

From £249

Push Fit Test Board for Photovoltaic Substrates (8 pixel)

A test board for making electrical connections to the photovoltaic (8 pixel substrates) substrates without the need for electrical connection legs.

From £1,095

IV Curve Measurement System

Xtralien IV Curve Measurement System   The IV Curve Measurement System provides accurate, reliable and affordable IV curve measurement and analysis of solar cells. The Xtralien X100 source meter performs current measurements from 10 nA to 100 mA, and has a voltage range of -10 V to 10 V. These metrics are well-suited to IV curve measurements of photovoltaic devices. Perform quick and easy material characterisation using either the 6-Pixel or 8-Pixel substrate system and the Ossila Push Fit Test Board! The new swivel-lid on our push-fit test board allows for fast loading and unloading of devices. Features Source voltage from -10 V to 10 V...