Photovoltaic Substrate (8-pixel) System

ITO glass substrates and associated deposition masks for fabricating lab-scale photovoltaic devices including OPV, perovskite, CZTS and more using Ossila's latest 8-pixel design. Can also be used for OLEDs. Standard size (20 x 15 mm).

From £425

ITO Glass Photovoltaic Substrates (8 Pixel)

Pre-patterned ITO Glass substrates for OPV/OLED testing. Use with our cathode deposition mask (E501) to create 8 individual pixels or (E502) to create a single large pixel.

From £500

Photovoltaic Substrate Packs (8 Pixel)

Ossila's Edgeless 8 Pixel Substrate Pack contains the substrate consumables necessary for creating and testing fully encapsulated LEDs and PVs for measurement under ambient conditions. It is designed to reduce edge ingress in order to improve device stability and maximise volume of statistical data.

From £126

FTO Coated Glass (Unpatterned)

FTO (Fluorine-doped Tin Oxide) glass is a transparent conductive metal oxide that can be used in the fabrication of transparent electrodes for thin film photovoltaics, such as: organic photovoltaic, amorphous silicon, cadmium telluride, dye-sensitised solar cells, and hybrid perovskites.

From £199

Deposition Masks (8-Pixel Design)

Ossila have produced a range of masks for vacuum deposition of materials onto our standardised 8-pixel substrate design. These include masks that are used to deposit electrodes and busbars and masks to deposit semiconducting materials to define an active area for thin film electronic devices - all to obtain the highest device performances possible.

From £69

Measurement Aperture Mask for Photovoltaic Substrates (8 Pixel)

A measurement aperture mask with electrochemically-etched holes to define the active area of a pixel during measurement and to stop indirect/scattered light when using our push-fit connection boards. Useful for OPV measurements under solar simulators or OLEDs with luminance meters. For use with our 8 Pixel OPV/OLED substrates (S211).

From £249

Push-Fit Test Board for Photovoltaic Substrates (8 pixel)

A test board for making electrical connections to the photovoltaic (8 pixel substrates) substrates without the need for electrical connection legs.

From £980

Smart PV and OLED Multiplexor Test Board with JV Sweep Software

This measurement system is designed to enable OLED and PV testing and characterisation via intuitive Easy JV Sweep software. Comprised of a main multiplexor board, an interchangeable substrate board and control software, the system allows academics and researchers to conduct a number of measurements

From £59

Electrical Connection Legs for ITO Glass Substrates

Electrical connection legs for making electrical attachment to ITO-coated glass for test and measurement purposes. The E241 legs are designed for use with 0.7 mm thick glass. The legs clip on easily, securely, and have an industry standard 0.1 inch (2.54 mm) pitch for insertion into a wide variety of test boards, including standard PCB prototyping boards and Ossila's OLED/OPV test board.

From £149


PEDOT:PSS (poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) polystyrene sulfonate) is a transparent conductive polymer consisting of a mixture of two ionomers. Due to its unique combination of conductivity, transparency, ductility, and ease of processing, PEDOT:PSS has become a benchmark material in thin-film electronic fabrication.

From £49

Encapsulation Coverslips for Photovoltaics and OLEDs

Coverslips, also known as Encapsulation Glass Slides. Available as part of our substrate pack or in sets of 100, the coverslip is part of the encapsulation system used with our OLED/OPV ITO patterned substrates. It provides robust protection for manual handling of a completed device and prevents direct oxygen/water ingress, allowing for storage and measurement under ambient conditions for several weeks (edge ingress will eventually occur).

From £69

Encapsulation Epoxy for Photovoltaics and OLEDs

A light-curable epoxy suitable for solar cell and LED encapsulation which sets at wavelengths of up to 350 nm and is safe for use with most organic materials. Curing wavelength: up to 350 nm Usage: approx. 100 μl per standard sized substrate (10 ml ~ 100 standard substrates) approx. 600 μl per scale up sized substrate (60 ml ~ 100 scale up substrates)   Datasheet Ossila's E132 PV & LED Encapsulation Epoxy can be used as an adhesive for organic light-emitting diodes and organic photovoltaics without damaging the polymer or cathode. In conjunction with a glass coverslip, it can provide a...

From £1,000

IV Curve Measurement System

IV Curve Measurement System Part of the Institute of Physics award-winning Ossila Solar Cell Prototyping Platform, Ossila's IV Curve Measurement System is designed as a low-cost solution for reliable current-voltage measurements. We have developed a system for rapid, easy measurement of electrical devices by combining our source measure unit, push-fit and multiplexer test boards, and specifically designed software.

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