Ossila 60-second FET Fabrication with Prefabricated Substrates

Ossila's prefabricated substrates make materials testing quick and simple, helping you achieve the highest possible mobilities with ease. Watch us fabricate 5 OFETs in just 60 seconds in the video below. When used alongside the new Ossila FACT system, you can now produce and test devices within minutes.

We hope you find this video useful. If you wish to download a copy for teaching or to watch later please email info@ossila.com. The download version is approximately 51 MB and is in windows media (.wmv) format.


OFET low density substrate Specialist Consumables - syringe filter

Full details of our prefabricated test chips can be found here.

Full details of FACT1, Ossila's new OFET mobility test system, click here.

Device Data

The device shown in the video produced average mobilities of >0.1 cm2/Vs and the polymer used was PBTTT in dichlorobenzene which was annealed under N2. The output and transfer characteristic graphs for the five devices are shown below and the full data set including these can be downloaded in the following formats:

Raw data for device 1 (.xlsx)
Characteristic graphs for device 1 (.bmp)
Raw data for device 2 (.xlsx)
Characteristic graphs for device 2 (.bmp)
Raw data for device 3 (.xlsx)
Characteristic graphs for device 3 (.bmp)
Raw data for device 4 (.xlsx)
Characteristic graphs for device 4 (.bmp)
Raw data for device 5 (.xlsx)
Characteristic graphs for device 5 (.bmp)
Full data set including raw files (.zip)

Device 1

Device 1 Characteristics

Device 2

Device 2 Characteristics

Device 3

Device 3 Characteristics

Device 4

Device 4 Characteristics

Device 5

Device 5 Characteristics