OFET, TFT and Sensing - Test Equipment

Field-effect transistor electrical test boards and probe station for characterising OFET substrates in our low-density and high-density OFET systems.

OFET Test Board for Low-Density OFETs

The Ossila low-density OFET test board is designed to work with our pre-patterned substrates, eliminating the need for probe stations - making electrical contact to devices quick and simple. 

OFET Test Board for Low-Density OFETs From £249.00

OFET Test Board for High Density OFETs

The High Density OFET Test Board can provide high precision, current-voltage measurements of up to 20 OFETs on a single substrate. As such, this test board can speed up your research and help you to achieve more reliable, statistical results. It is compatible with our High Density OFET Fabrication System as well as with our Prefabricated High Density OFET Substrates.

OFET Test Board for High Density OFETs From £699.00

Probe Station

A multi-purpose probe station, to simplify and speed up measurement. By using three interchangeable probe heads, pre-aligned for a variety of substrate architectures, it becomes quicker and easier to measure: OFET & TFT mobility, Chremiresistor & chemiFET sensors, Sheet resistance and four point probe characterisation, Graphene and 2D characterisation (IV curves and field effect measurements).

Probe Station From £1,950.00