LED and OLED substrates (pixelated anode)

Substrates (and substrate packs) along with associated processing masks for the fabrication of lab scale OLEDs.

Please note that these substrates can also be used for fabricating photovoltaics, however due to the increased current densities of newer generation thin-film photovoltaics the series resistance of the ITO becomes more important and so we now recommend the 8 pixel photovoltaic substrates designed to minimise these effects.

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ITO Substrates for OLEDs (Pixelated Anode)

Pixelated anode ITO substrates for OPV/OLED testing. Use with our cathode deposition mask (E111) to create individual pixels.

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ITO Substrate Packs for OLEDs (Pixelated Anode)

Ossila's substrate packs contain the substrate consumables required for making and testing fully-encapsulated OLEDs and OPVs for measurement under ambient conditions

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Deposition Masks (6-Pixel Design)

Ossila's vacuum deposition masks have been specifically designed for our standardized 6-pixel substrates which are used for the fabrication of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and photovoltaic devices. At Ossila, we offer a range of masks for sale which can be used in a variety of different applications. These include the deposition of electrodes of varying sizes for the screening of new materials, masks for the deposition of semiconducting active/interfacial materials, and masks for the deposition of our 6-pixel design. All masks are made from stainless steel with the option of an additional spacer layer. More information on the general specifications of the masks...

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Push-Fit Test Board for Pixelated Anode Substrates (6 pixel)

A test board for making electrical connections to the pixelated anode substrates without the need for electrical connection legs.

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ZIF Test Board for Pixelated Anode Substrates

A test board designed to work with our pixelated anode substrates (S101/S103) or edgeless 8 pixel substrates (S211/S213) in order to make testing and experimenting as easy as possible. The zero insertion force (ZIF) socket allows for easy attachment and removal of devices while the BNC socket makes connecting experimental apparatus simple.

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Measurement Aperture Mask for Pixelated Anode Substrates

A measurement aperture mask with electrochemically-etched holes to define the active area of a pixel during measurement and to stop indirect/scattered light when using our connection boards. Useful for OPV measurements under solar simulators or OLEDs with luminance meters. For use with our pixelated anode OPV/OLED substrates (S101). Connection ZIF: E141Push-fit: E142 Outer dimensions 40 mm × 40 mm (E141)15 mm × 20 mm (E142) Apertures 6 × 0.0212cm2 (E141) Aperture tolerance ±5%   To the best of our knowledge, the information provided here is accurate. However, Ossila assume no liability for the accuracy of this information. The values provided here...

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Smart PV and OLED Multiplexor Test Board with JV Sweep Software

This measurement system is designed to enable OLED and PV testing and characterisation via intuitive Easy JV Sweep software, please note this software requires the Keithley 2612B SMU (see note 1). Comprised of a main multiplexor board, an interchangeable and customisable substrate board, and control software, the system allows academics and researchers to conduct a number of measurements