High-Density OFET Fabrication System Overview and Schematic

The below diagram shows an exploded view of how the evaporation stack fits together. At the base of the system is the lower support which prevents the thin and flexible shadow masks from warping. This support has recesses in which individual masks are placed with a substrate above. A low strength magnetic sheet is placed on to pull the shadow mask in close contact with the substrates. Finally the lid is used to bolt everything together into a mechanically stable system that can be mounted in a deposition system at any orientation.

OFET high density evaporation stack exploded 3D diagram 

Lid: Holds the substrates and magnetic sheet in position

Magnetic sheet: Pulls the thin and flexible shadow mask into close contact with the substrate

Up to twelve substrates per mask (sold separately)

Interchangeable Masks: Mix and Match OFET geometries within the same evaporation with 20 OFETs per substrate

Combined Lower Support and Substrate Holder: Milled from a single piece of aluminium to provide mechanical support for the interchangeable masks and align the substrates




System Overview

The high density fabrication system has four different masks available to allow the fabrication of devices in any geometry (top/bottom gates and top/bottom source-drain). The diagrams below show the features on each of the individual masks as well as how they fit together on a substrate.

OFET high density system components 

OFET high density overview