Ossila is a high-growth, high-tech business based in the UK looking to continue our rapid expansion over the next few years. Ossila currently employs around 40 people and continues to grow toward being a world-class organisation, helping to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery. We provide high quality materials and equipment that deliver high performance and low cost with outstanding customer support to the international scientific research community.

Approximately 75% of our sales are exported to over 1000 institutions in 70 countries and we have won prestigious awards for our innovation and exporting capabilities.

Current Vacancies

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Location: Windsor Street, Sheffield

Employment Type: Full time

Hours: 35 hours per week

Salary: £22000 - £24000 per annum

Deadline: To be confirmed

Start Date: As soon as possible

Our current catalogue includes several hundred chemicals and materials ranging from polymers to quantum dots, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, perovskite inks and more. Each of these requires careful and specialist handling with safety and quality of paramount importance.

As the company and customer base expands, handling of chemicals becomes an ever larger and important role within our business. The primary role will be a balance of fulfilling chemical orders - ensuring customers receive on-time, high quality, safety-compliant deliveries - and developing and maintaining quality control processes. The successful candidate would therefore be expected to work closely with both the customer care team and our team of scientists.

We are looking for someone who can take responsibility for all day-to-day handling and quality control of our chemicals including:

  • Decanting and packaging orders for customers
  • Implementing and maintaining quality control processes
  • Performing in-house analysis or contracting out analysis where necessary
  • Producing batch-specific Certificates of Analysis
  • Ensuring safety and regulatory compliance throughout the entire handling process from raw-materials-in to finished-products-out
  • Assist in the resolution of customer queries and requests

To begin with, the role will focus on training and operations – acting primarily as a technician for order fulfilment purposes and gaining insight into Ossila’s current quality management system. The role will then expand to include developing and improving quality control processes through in-house and contracted-out analysis of materials where required. Currently chemicals/materials represent around 40% of Ossila’s business and is typically doubling in size every two years. This allows for ample opportunity to work with the Chemical Product Manager to improve the efficiency and quality of the order fulfilment process to keep in line with growth.

The successful candidate will therefore be able to:

  • Act as a highly competent technician to begin with while training
  • Develop and manage quality control processes in the longer term while still remaining hands-on with order fulfilment

The candidate will gain experience working in a small, fast-growing company. They will learn how to work with CRMs, databases and quality management systems while learning analytical techniques and how to produce Certificates of Analysis, with the potential to learn other skills too.

This job will be at the intersection of business processes and quality control. There will always be a primary focus on quality, therefore being highly organised with a high attention to detail is essential. Excellent communication skills and a pleasant manner are also a requirement since the candidate will work closely with several people across different teams. An ability to work effectively with spreadsheets, data systems and analytical techniques is also essential for long-term progression.

Essential requirements:

  • A degree in Chemistry (or related field such as materials science
  • Great communication skills
  • Highly organised and self-motivate
  • Aptitude for problem solving
  • Strong desire for learning and self-improvement
  • Good IT skills including Excel
  • Good manual dexterity
  • European national or UK work permit holder

Desired experience:

  • Previous chemical laboratory experience
  • Familiarity with a variety of analytical techniques (including but not limited to UV-Vis, HPLC, GPC, and NMR spectroscopy)
  • Experience with quality control or quality management systems
  • Experience with databases

Location: Windsor Street, Sheffield

Employment Type: Full time

Hours: 35 hours per week

Salary: £32000 - £36000 per annum

Deadline: Thursday, Mar 05, 2020

Start Date: As soon as possible

    We are looking to expand our business rapidly in the next few years and as such are searching for an enthusiastic and dedicated scientist to join us and help us grow. We have recently built up a new synthetic chemistry lab in-house to accommodate both organic chemists and device physicists for our ever-growing business.

    In recent years, non-fullerene polymer organic solar cells have been a rapidly developing area of interest for Ossila. We have historically been a major supplier for high-quality polymer and fullerene semiconducting materials to our customers worldwide and have been expanding rapidly into non-fullerene acceptors (NFAs). We are now looking for an organic chemist to synthesise a range of NFAs to meet the growing demands for such materials from our customers. The primary role of the NFAs chemist is to develop procedures for the scale-up synthesis of NFAs used in highly efficient bulk-heterojunction organic/polymer solar cells.

    The candidate will be expected to develop a full category of NFAs such as ITIC, IEICO, IHIC and Y6 series to add to our existing and fast-growing materials catalogue. As such, it is desired that applicants already be familiar with the established synthetic and purification procedures for NFAs.

    Essential requirements:

    • PhD degree in organic or polymer chemistry
    • Experience in synthesis of NFA or similar molecules
    • Chemical purification and analytical skills
    • Aptitude for problem solving
    • Demonstrable desire for teamwork
    • Desire to help a small business both commercially and scientifically.

    Key responsibilities:

    • Synthesise batches of NFAs to customer and commercial demand
    • Help with customer enquiries and technical support for the developed products
    • Improve the synthesis and purification protocols to be cost effective while scaling up production
    • Characterise and assess the purity of the products
    • Develop new products to customer and market demand
    • Prioritise work schedules to meet project deadlines and milestones
    • Write and present project reports and to keep detailed records of lab work
    • Develop new ideas for future products development
    • Help maintain day-to-day running and housekeeping of the chemistry lab with co-workers to ensure safe and efficient working environment
    • Learn the principles of Lean production and apply them to a chemistry environment

    The candidate should have a PhD in Organic Chemistry with specific experience of synthesising and purifying a range of NFAs or similar molecules with similar synthetic routes and purity requirements. Ideal candidates will have postdoctoral experience and the ability to hit the ground running to rapidly get new products synthesised and purified to the required quality.

    Since this role will be at the interface of chemistry and small business, the candidates must have a strong desire to make their work a commercial success by building a portfolio of great products with excellent technical support at competitive prices. The desire to help customers is therefore essential.

    We are therefore looking for the below essential skills:

    • Specific experience of synthesis and purification of NFAs or similar molecules
    • A desire to help customers and build a commercially successful range of chemical products
    • The ability to learn and solve problems in a small team in both business and chemistry
    • Strong written and oral communication skills
    • Independently formulate and execute experiments and other plans of work
    • The ability to self-manage and effectively organise work schedules
    • Highly organised and self-motivated

    How to Apply

    To apply, send a CV and cover letter to

    Please note that we are unable to sponsor work permits and therefore applicants for on-site positions must be either a European national or hold an existing UK work permit. No agencies please.

    Why Work at Ossila

    Ossila is a small and friendly company based in Sheffield. We provide the following benefits to full time staff:

    • Flexible working around core hours (10AM-4PM), as well as staggered hours
    • Enrolment with private health insurance (Westfield) which includes cover for dependent children
    • Company pension
    • Shared parental leave
    • Free company parking

    As a small but growing business we believe that the single biggest benefit we offer is the ability to gain responsibility, learn, and grow as a professional. The majority of our management team were promoted from entry level jobs, and that is representative of our desire to provide interesting, challenging and stretching jobs with real progression.