Carbon Nanotubes

Materials, substrates, processing equipment, and measurement equipment for use with carbon nanotubes.

Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes are a 1-dimensional form of carbon where hexagonal carbon lattices, similar to graphene, are rolled up to form elongated hollow tubes. These nanotubes can either be single walled or can have multiple tubes nested within one another. The dimensional constraints placed upon the carbon structure result in unique properties not found within bulk carbon.

Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) are a special class of carbon materials known as one-dimensional materials. They consist of sheets of graphene, rolled up to form hollow tubes with walls one atom thick. Due to its chemical structure and dimensional constraints, this material exhibits exceptional mechanical, electrical, thermal, and optical properties. As such, carbon nanotubes have become of great interest for both...

Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes From £150.00

Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Double-walled carbon nanotubes (DWCNTs) belong to the family of one-dimensional materials, similar to single-walled carbon nanotubes. This particular class of carbon nanotube consists of two nanotubes, with one nested within the other. The differences in the diameters of the two nanotubes can produce varying degrees of interaction between the two tubes. This allows for  modifications to be made to the...

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Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) are a special form of carbon nanotubes in which multiple single-walled carbon nanotubes are nested inside one another. Although MWCNTs are still classed as a 1-dimenional form of carbon, the unique properties that are seen within single-walled and double-walled carbon nanotubes are not as prominent. The reason for this is the higher probability of  defects occurring...

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Test Chips for OFETs and Sensing

Fully fabricated test chips complete with source, drain and gate connections and optional interface monolayers. Just add your semiconductor and measure.

Carbon Nanotube Processing and Measurement Equipment

Spin Coater

Produce high-quality coatings without any substrate warping. Vacuum-free, compact, and portable - perfect for busy labs with limited space.  Part of the Institute of Physics award-winning Ossila Solar Cell Prototyping Platform, the Ossila Spin Coater offers the ideal spin-coating solution for a busy lab where space is at a premium. Spin coating is a widely used and versatile technique for depositing...

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UV Ozone Cleaner

Ossila's UV Ozone Cleaner is capable of removing contamination on the surface of samples, providing you with ultraclean surfaces within minutes. By using a high-power UV light source, ozone is generated - which then breaks down surface contaminants into volatile compounds. These volatile compounds evaporate from the surface leaving no trace. This method can produce near-atomically clean surfaces without causing...

UV Ozone Cleaner From £1,950.00

Probe Station

A multi-purpose probe station, to simplify and speed up measurement. By using three interchangeable probe heads, pre-aligned for a variety of substrate architectures, it becomes quicker and easier to measure: OFET & TFT mobility, Chremiresistor & chemiFET sensors, Sheet resistance and four point probe characterisation, Graphene and 2D characterisation (IV curves and field effect measurements).

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Syringe Pump

Low price, programmable, automatic syringe pump Precision syringe pump available in single or dual pump models for infusion and extrusion of solutions Syringe pumps (also known as syringe drivers) are used to move fixed volumes of solutions at a specified rate. Non-medical syringe pumps generally offer a higher degree of control than more basic infusion pumps and are frequently used in...

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