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Syringe Pump Spin Coater Connector Kit

Product Code L2001-L2003-A
Price $107.00 ex. VAT

Connect your syringe pump to the Ossila Spin Coater

Kit includes Luer Lock PTFE tubing, blunt needles, and a spin coater adapter

The syringe pump connector kit provides a simple method for dispensing solutions from a syringe pump while spin coating. The use of a syringe pump in spin coating is essential for any application that requires precise timings, accurate flow rates, or automatic control. The connector kit provides an elegant solution for holding the needles in place above the substrate for the duration of the process.

The kit contains PTFE tubing with Luer Lock adapters for quick connection to syringes. It also comes with a pack of blunt Luer Lock needles for accurate dispensing. Most importantly, the kit includes an adapter that sits in the hole on the lid of the Ossila Spin Coater to hold and position the needles to point directly at the centre of the spinning substrate. For precise manual deposition, the adapter has a small central hole which will fit a pipette.

Included with the syringe pump and spin coater bundle, the kit is now available to buy separately as an optional extra for the Ossila Spin Coater. The adapter is designed for 2.5 cm (1 inch) needles and will work with any syringe pump.

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