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Push-Fit Test Board for 25 x 25mm Substrates

Product Code P2011A1
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Fast and secure electrical connections.

Make PV and OLED device testing easy.

The Push-Fit Test Board for 25mm Square Substrates is part of Ossila's award winning prototyping platform for photovoltaic devices.

The connection pins on the circuit board align with the contacts on our glass ITO substrates. This makes connecting to devices quick and easy.

Quickly switch between the pixels of a completed device, and electrically test via the BNC connection.

Quickstart Video Guide: Making OLEDs and OPVs

The following video shows the fabrication and testing of devices using the PV and OLED device prototyping substrate system.

General Specifications

Outer Dimensions 100mm x 100mm
Compatible Substrates

PV and OLED ITO Glass Substrates (25mm Square - S2006C1)

Unpatterned ITO Glass Substrates (25mm Square - S2006B1)

25mm Square Substrate Test Board

The deposition masks are part of Ossila's award winning prototyping platform for photovoltaic devices and light emitting diodes (LEDs). The Contact Pins on the test board are aligned with the electrodes on the substrate. Each electrode has an associated switch, which connects it to either the postive (BNC) or ground (GND) of the BNC connection. There are four switches for pixel electrodes and two switches for the common ITO electrode.

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