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PTFE Photoelectrochemical Cells

Product Code C2017C1
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PTFE Photoelectrochemical Cells (PECs)

PTFE photoelectrochemical cell for two or three electrode photoelectric effect studies

The PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) photoelectrochemical cell is one our two or three electrode photoelectrochemical cells, designed for photoelectric effect studies.

The PTFE photoelectrochemical cell features an optical window to collect light onto the working electrode.

Our photoelectrochemical cells (PEC) are available in PTFE or glass body, both can employ either a two or three-electrode system using a platinum disc working electrode, a counter electrode, and a reference electrode (optional).


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All dimensions are in millimetres.

ptfe photoelectrochemical cell
C2017C1: a = 64 mm, b = 60 mm, c = 62 mm, d = 37.5 mm, e = 24 mm, f = 40 mm, g = 1 mm.
C2017D1: a = 76 mm, b = 72 mm, c = 68 mm, d = 50 mm, e = 35 mm, f = 52 mm, g = 19.5 mm.

Pricing and Options

Product Name Product Code Price
PTFE Photoelectrochemical Cells - 50 ml C2017C1 £480
PTFE Photoelectrochemical Cells - 100 ml C2017D1 £540

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