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PCPDTBT, polymer semiconductor used for high-performance OPV devices

Exhibits excellent charge-carrier properties

PCPDTBT, copolymer of cyclopenta dithiophene and benzothiadiazole, is a low band-gap polymer semiconductor that is widely used for high-performance OPV devices with excellent charge-carrier properties.

Like PSBTBT, PCPDTBT has an ideal bandgap value (1.5 eV). This not only covers a broad range in the visible light spectrum, but also extends its spectral absorption into the infrared region.

In most cases, PCPDTBT is considered to be amorphous due to its non-linear side-chain structures. However, highly-crystalline films of PCPDTBT with branched side-chains can also be achieved by solvent vapour crystallisation [2].

General Information

Full name Poly[2,6-(4,4-bis-(2-ethylhexyl)-4H-cyclopenta [2,1-b;3,4-b′]dithiophene)-alt-4,7(2,1,3-benzothiadiazole)]
Synonyms C-PCPDTBT
CAS number 920515-34-0
Chemical formula (C31H38N2S3)n
Molecular weight See Batch Details table above
HOMO / LUMO HOMO = - 5.3 eV, LUMO = - 3.6 eV [1]
Solubility Chloroform, chlorobenzene, dichlorobenzene
Classification / Family Cyclopenta dithiophene, Hole-transport layer materials, Organic semiconducting materials, Low band-gap polymers, Organic photovoltaics, All-polymer solar cells, OFETs, Perovskite solar cells.
PCPDTBT chemical structure
Chemical structure of PCPDTBT

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Batch Details

Batch Mw PDI Stock Info
M2096A1 >30,000 ≤3 Discontinued
M2096A2 33.000 2.1 Discontinued
M2096A3 66,499 2.09 In Stock

Literature and Reviews

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