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PBT1, for highly efficient OPV devices

High purity and available online for priority dispatch

As a family member of polythiophenes, PBT1 (also known as PBDD4T) has a backbone consisting of repeating benzodithiophene-4,8-dione and α-quaterthiophene units. π electrons can be delocalized effectively through the alternative electron push−pull effect, resulting a low band-gap polymer. Also, with four ethylhexyl branched side chains, the polymer is more soluble in most of organic solvents.

We also have PBDD4T-2F available which allows fluorine-fluorine interaction at the polymer back-bone structure for device film morphology control. Both PBDD4T and PBDD4T-2F are used for highly efficient OPV devices using fullerenes and non-fullerenes such as ITIC and P(NDI2OD-T2F) as acceptors.

Luminosyn™ PBT1

Luminosyn™ PBT1 is now available.

High purity and high molecular weight
PBDD4T is purified by Soxhlet extraction with methanol, hexane and chloroform under an argon atmosphere

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General Information

Full name Poly[[5,​7-​bis(2-​ethylhexyl)​-​4,​8-​dioxo-​4H,​8H-​benzo[1,​2-​c:4,​5-​c']​dithiophene-​1,​3-​diyl]​[3,​3'''-​bis(2-​ethylhexyl)​[2,​2':5',​2'':5'',​2'''-​quaterthiophene]​-​5,​5'''-​diyl]​]
Synonyms PBT1, BDD4T
Chemical formula (C58H74O2S6)n
CAS number 1439937-09-3
Solubility Chloroform, chlorobenzene and dichlorobenzene
HOMO / LUMO HOMO = -5.30 eV, Eg = 1.76 eV [1]
Classification / Family Polythiophenes, Organic n-type semiconducting materials, Organic photovoltaics, Polymer solar cells, Tandem solar cells, Electron-acceptor polymers, OFETs, Perovskite solar cells, All-polymer solar cells.
Solubility Soluble in chloroform, chlorobenzene, dichlorobenzene

Chemical Structure

pbdd4t, PBT1, BDD4T chemical structure
Chemical structure and product image of PBDD4T

MSDS Documentation



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Batch details

Batch Mw Mn PDI Stock Info
M2049A1 112,851 49,310 2.29 in stock

Literature and Reviews

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