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Optical Fiber

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Low price, high quality optical fiber for spectrometers and spectroscopy

Create fiber coupled optical arrangments for optical spectroscopy measurements

Connect your spectroscopy equipment in a fiber couple arrangement with our low price 400 μm core, 1 meter length multimode optical fiber for the Ossila Optical Spectometer. Steel armoured sleeve and protective endcaps are included for added durability and to make it a quick and easy to connect to the Ossila broadband white light source, UV light source, transmission holder, and cuvette holder.

The complete optical spectroscopy bundle includes two optical fibers as well as an Ossila Optical Spectrometer, spectrometer case, LED broadband white light source, transmission holder, cuvette holder, and optical breadboard plate.


Length 1 meter
Core Diameter 400 μm
Fibre Connection SMA 905
attenuation for the ossila optical fibers
Attenuation curve for the Ossila optical fibers between 400-1000 nm.

Complete Optical Spectroscopy Bundle

Complete Optical Spectroscopy Bundle
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The Ossila Optical Spectrometer in a laboratory
The optical fibers connect to the Ossila Optical Spectrometer and range of spectroscopy equipment

Optical Spectrometer

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  • Wide Spectral Range
  • USB Powered

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