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Laminar Flow Hood

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Vertical and horizontal laminar flow hood for perfect clean air

Fully equipped with advanced sensor technology, full sets of filters, stainless steel tray, and UV lighting

The Ossila Laminar Flow Hood has been designed from the ground up to provide the simplest experience for working in clean and sterile environments. Behind the design of the system is the need to ensure consistently clean air, free of dust and microbial contaminants. To do this we have developed our new smart air sensing technology that monitors the current particulate count within the air stream of the laminar flow hood. Using pressure, temperature, humidity, and particle count data the smart air sensing software controls the rate of air exchanges within the hood to ensure that the air that is present is always clean.

The smart air sensing technology can also ensure that the motor operates only at the speed that is needed to provide clean laminar air. This allows the system to use much less power while maintaining the same air quality, reduces the noise of the system, reduces the number of filter changes required, and keeps energy usage to a minimum. Additionally, the laminar flow hood comes equipped with state of the art UV and white light LED lighting for further reduction in power consumption, along with IR motion detection to enter the system into power saving modes when not in use. This means that the Ossila Laminar Flow Hood not only keeps the air you are working in clean it also minimises operational costs, and helps to reduce overall carbon emissions.

Unlike other laminar flow hoods, the Ossila system comes fully equipped with filters, sensors, control electronics, and tray. With fixed rate worldwide shipping, our free two-year warranty, and free online support, the Ossila Laminar Flow Hood is the best choice for your research.

What is a Laminar Flow Hood?

Laminar flow hoods are dedicated spaces which are used to provide an environment to work in where the presence of air borne contaminants are significantly reduced. This is of importance for areas of research such as semiconductor fabrication, thin film electronics, medicine, microbiology, or any other research where the presence of external particles on the samples are unwanted.

Laminar flow hoods work by filtering air through a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA filter). Contaminants present in the air are captured within the fibres of the filter and the air that is expelled is free from air borne particles. The laminar flow hood gets its name from the fact that the air expelled from the filter is at a low velocity and retains a laminar profile across the length of the cabinet.

The laminar flow present within the hood provides additional contamination control. The first way it does this is that it flushes out contaminants present within the hood when first turned on. Secondly, it also ensures that no air from outside the hood encroaches inside by eliminating the presence of vortices that could cycle outside air into the hood carrying particulates within it.

Laminar Flow Hood Features

Laminar Flow Hood filter

High Purity Air

The Ossila Laminar Flow Hood can provide users with high purity air with ISO classifications as low as ISO Class 3. Through the use of H14 grade High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, the laminar flow hood is capable of filtering out over 99.995% of all airborne particulates.

Our laminar flow hoods also come with the option of replacing our standard HEPA filter with an Ultra-Low Particulate Air (ULPA) filter. With our standard grade of U16 air filters capable of removing over 99.99995% of all airborne contaminants. Giving you complete confidence that the air you are processing within is free of any contaminants that may impact upon your research.

Laminar Flow Hood screenshot

Low Operating Costs

By utilising the smart air sense technology the Ossila Laminar Flow Hood can reduce your operating cost by keeping energy use to a minimum. The technology monitors the air quality and adjusts the air output, allowing the motor to operate at the lowest speed while maintaining high purity air and laminar flow.

In addition to the smart sense technology, the system comes equipped with low energy lighting, infrared motion sensors for running in standby mode, UV LED with timer options for sterilization, and back pressure sensing to monitor filter saturation. All these features together ensure the system uses as little power as possible.

Laminar Flow Hood Sensors

Smart Sensor Technology

The Ossila Laminar Flow Hood has a range of environmental sensors including, pressure, humidity, temperature, volatile organic contaminant, passive infrared motion sensor, and laser scattering airborne particle counter. Feedback from the sensors is used within our smart air sensing technology to control the air quality within the laminar flow hood ensuring consistent air quality all the time.

The smart air sensing technology minimizes noise and energy use through motor derating. By continually monitoring air quality it also ensures that the air within the laminar flow hood continually adheres to minimum ISO standards. In addition, the laminar flow hood monitors filter saturation warning you of upcoming filter changes so you can easily stay on top of maintenance of the system.

Horizontal orientation of the Ossila Laminar Flow Hood

Fully Equipped

Unlike most laminar flow hoods the Ossila Laminar Flow Hood comes equipped with all the features as standard. This includes full sets of filters, interchangeable vertical and horizontal configuration, stainless steel tray, differential pressure sensors, UV lighting, and smart air sensing technology.

This means the price you see is the price you pay for a fully operational laminar flow hood. No hidden costs or charges to ensure you have a fully working system.

Greener Science

Greener Science

The incorporation of smart air sensing software allows the Ossila Laminar Flow Hood to reduce power consumption compared to a standard laminar flow hood. Reduced motor speeds are not the only power saving feature implemented in this product. Our filter saturation monitor can tell you when to change filters, reducing strain on the motor; the white light and UV LED's allow for low power high efficiency lighting; our motion sensors allow the system to enter a low power mode while not in use. All of these features work together to ensure that power is not wasted.

With the particle filtration offered by the Ossila Laminar Flow Hood, the system can achieve air cleanliness values as low as ISO Class 3. The smart air sensing technology provides constant monitoring of particulate count within the laminar flow providing instant feedback on the current ISO classification of the air you are working within. This allows you to be certain that the air you are working in is clean and free from contaminants at all times.

Included with the Ossila Laminar Flow Hood

  • The Ossila Laminar Flow Hood with interchangeable vertical and horizontal configuration
  • Full set of filters
  • Stainless steel tray
  • Differential pressure sensors
  • UV lighting
  • Smart air sensing technology

What is Laminar Air Flow Used For?

Access to environments where the air is free of both physical particulate contaminants as well as microbial contaminants is essential in many areas of research and manufacturing. The presence of either particulates or microbes, even in minute quantities, can have a dramatic impact on the the data produced in research or the yield in a manufacturing process. Undertaking work within a clean environment free from any potential source of contamination is therefore essential. Laminar flow hoods are an essential tool in clean environment working. They provide a workspace in which clean air is constantly passed over the area you are working within. This air is at an elevated pressure compared to the air outside the hood ensuring that contaminated air from outside the work space is unable to re-enter the hood protecting what you are working on. In addition, laminar flow hoods are designed to ensure that the air present within the hood retains laminar characteristics. This means that the air present is not turbulent and does not form vortexes which could cause pockets of stagnant air for contaminants to form, or allow for recirculation of contaminated air back into the hood.

Thin Film Electronics

Modern thin film electronic devices are a huge field in research and manufacturing. A variety of electronic devices can be fabricated using thin films of materials stacked on top of each other. With each layer typically only being tens of nanometres thick. This allows researchers to observe unique properties of the materials that are only present in these constrained dimensions.

Processing of such devices in a clean environment is critical to achieving high performances and for obtaining high yields within manufacturing. The presence of airborne contaminants that could settle onto the surface of these devices often result in complete device failure as they are orders of magnitude larger than the device themselves.

The Ossila Laminar Flow Hood with its high capture efficiency HEPA and ULPA filters can ensure minimal airborne particulates are present in your working environment. Giving you the tools you need to push device performance even further.

Microbiology Research

Sterility of equipment and the environment is fundamental in undertaking any form of microbiological research. Everything from the initial preparation of growth media and plates, to the incubation environment are periods in which contamination could occur. Ensuring any environment in which you expose your sample, or work within, is sterile is key to making sure your samples are protected.

The Ossila Laminar Flow Hood with its smart air sensing technology can monitor the amount of airborne particulates present within the laminar flow hood. Giving you an instant readout of the air quality. Allowing you to have the peace of mind that the environment you are working it will not introduce unwanted contamination into your work.

Wafer Fabrication

Wafer fabrication involves the production of precise circuitry on the surface of semiconducting wafers. These circuits can be as small as tens of nanometers in size. To achieve such small features a range of processing techniques are used to pattern the surface. This patterning process is extremely sensitive to the presence of any particulate contamination.

With ULPA filtration the Ossila laminar flow hood can provide you with an environemnt where the air cleanliness is as low as ISO Class 3. Giving you air with extremely low particle counts allowing you to undertake steps of wafer fabrication, assembly, and encapsulation.

Medical Research

The production of pharmaceuticals is mostly handled via batch production via highly specified formulations. However for certain paitents due to highly specific needs sometimes medication must be tailored. Similarly in research the small scale production of pharamecuticals and the unoptimised dosages often means tailored batches are required. In these circumstances pharmaceutical compounding procedures should be followed to ensure no contamination occurs.

Laminar flow is essential for ensuring no contamination of the work area and the samples. The Ossila Laminar Flow Hood provides clean air up to ISO class 3 ensuring minimum primary engineering controls for handling. In addition, the optimised hood and plenum structure ensure laminar unidirectional air flow across the hood. And with our advanced air collimating filters unidirectional flow can be maintained over longer distances and recovers faster upon disturbance.


For the final assembly of electro-optical, opto-mechanical, and general photonics parts the use of a cleanroom environment is important. Often, these components use sealed systems where the combined properties of the optical, mechanical, and electronic components. Once sealed these parts are protected from external environments, however what is sealed within remains. Assembling the components together within a cleanroom environment ensures that no particulate materials are trapped within once sealed.

Ossilas Laminar Flow hood provides a clean work area that can be easily used for the assembly. Ensuring that no dust contaminants can impact upon your final assembly once finised. With variable cleanroom classification control you can create the environment you need for each process, keeping your costs to a minimum.

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