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ITO Glass Substrates, 25 mm Square, PV and OLED

Product Code S2006C1-100
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Patterned ITO substrates for rapid prototyping.

Large pixels for record breaking-devices.

The patterned Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Glass subtrates are part of Ossila's award winning prototyping platform. ITO is both conductive and transparent, which makes it an ideal material for use with optoelectronic devices such as photovoltaics and OLEDs.

ITO 25 x 25 substrate schematic

As thin film technology improves, the active areas of device pixels increase in size. The 25mm square substrates have been designed to help the community take the next step in scaling up active areas. When combined with our desposition masks, these substrates allow four pixels per substrate, with active areas of 48mm2 each.

The following video shows the fabrication and testing of devices using the PV and OLED device prototyping substrate system.

Substrate size 25 mm x 25 mm
Thickness 1.1 mm
Glass type Polished soda lime, float glass
Substrate coating Fully oxidized ITO
ITO thickness 100 nm
ITO resistance 20 Ω / square
Glass roughness < 1 nm RMS (By AFM)
ITO roughness 1.8 nm RMS (By AFM)
Pixel Sizes 48 mm2 (6 mm x 8 mm)
AFM scan of ITO substrate
10 µm x 10 µm AFM scan with Z-scale of ±5 nm.
AFM of glass surface of ITO substrates
AFM of glass surface (1 µm x 1 µm x 3.5 nm).
ITO Transmittance
Optical Transmittance of ITO substrates

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