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Graphite Working Electrode

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High quality graphite working electrode

Perfect for use in standard electrochemistry cells for cyclic voltammetry and more

Graphite working electrodes, like glassy carbon working electrodes, are carbon-based electrodes that are used as working electrodes for electrochemistry studies such as cyclic voltammetry, electrolysis and linear sweep voltammetry. Although graphite working electrode is chemically less inert than glassy carbon working electrode, it is more conductive and less expensive.

Known for its chemical stability, good conductivity of electricity and high melting point, graphite working electrode is considered as one of the most widely used electrode in different electrochemical applications either as anode or cathode. Graphite, as one of the forms of carbon electrodes, allows scans to have more negative potentials than platinum electrodes or gold electrodes, as well as good anodic potential windows.

Graphite working electrode has the advantage of obtaining fresh surface upon polishing for its slippery flexible structure along the edge plane, peeling along the basal plane, one feather no other electrodes have.

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All dimensions are in millimetres.

Graphite Working Electrode Dimensions
Graphite Working Electrode Dimensions (mm)
Available disc diameter (n) size(s) 2 mm
3 mm
4 mm

Pricing and Options

Product Name Product Code Price
Graphite Working Electrode - 2 mm diameter C2013K1 £95
Graphite Working Electrode - 3 mm diameter C2013L1 £100
Graphite Working Electrode - 4 mm diameter C2013M1 £145

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