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Electrochemical Cell with Luggin Capillary

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High-quality electrochemical cell with Luggin capillary

Low price Luggin capillary electrochemical cell for cyclic voltammetry and electrochemistry

The Luggin capillary electrochemical cell has a gas bubble filter inlet to reduce the gas shock and bubbling to the solution and a reference electrode pocket bridge that brings the reference electrode a closer contact to the working electrode.

Ossila offers an incredible deal with the Luggin capillary electrochemical cell kit, this includes the Luggin capillary electrochemical cell, a platinum disc working electrode, a platinum wire counter electrode, and either an aqueous AgCl reference electrode or a non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ reference electrode. Qualifying orders ship free as part of the Ossila Guarantee.

Luggin capillary electrochemical cell

Luggin Capillary Electrochemical Cell

High quality 50 ml luggin capillary electrochemical cell

Featured with screw-fit pfte lid with 3-electrode holes, removable gas bubbler inlet, and an adjustable luggin bridge.

From £260

Luggin capillary electrochemical cell pack

Luggin Capillary Electrochemical Cell Multipacks

Save up to 5% when you buy a pack of 5 luggin electrochemical cells or up to 10% when you buy a pack of 10 luggin electrochemical cells.

Best value packs

From £1250

Luggin capillary electrochemical cell with electrodes

Luggin Kit with Electrodes

Luggin capillary electrochemical cell included with a platinum disc working electrode, platinum wire counter electrode, and an Ag/Ag+ reference electrode.

Great value bundle available to buy online

From £620

Potentiostat with Cell and Electrodes

Potentiostat with Cell and Electrodes
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • World-Wide Shipping

Buy Online £2100


*All dimensions are in millimeters.

Electrode Cell Dimensions
Screw-fit PTFE lid with 3-electrode holes, detachable gas bubbler inlet, gas outlet and a detachable, location-adjustable Luggin pocket bridge for reference electrode.

Pricing and Options

The luggin type electrochemical cell is available to be purchased alone, pack of 5 or 10, as electrochemical cell kit or at a reduced price for electrochemical cell kit purchased with Ossila Potentiostat.

Product Name Product Code Price
Luggin type electrochemical cell C2012B1 £260
Luggin type electrochemical cell (pack of 5) C2012B1-5 £1250
Luggin type electrochemical cell (pack of 10) C2012B1-10 £2400
Luggin type electrochemical cell kit C2016B1 £620
Luggin capillary electrochemical cell kit purchase with Potentiostat* C2016B1 £460*

*Price of Potentiostat not included.

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