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Broadband White Light Source

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Affordable broadband white light for visible optical spectroscopy

Output light over the wavelength range 360 nm - 900 nm

The Ossila Broadband White Light Source is a USB-C powered LED device that outputs light over the wavelength range 360 nm - 900 nm. Ultraviolet and blue LEDs are combined on a single die, and coated with phosphors with emission extending into the near infrared. This single light source allows optical spectroscopy measurements over the entire visible range.

Designed for use with the Ossila Optical Spectrometer and our range of optical spectroscopy equipment and accessories, the broadband white light source can be used in free space arrangement or connected to a transmission holder or cuvette holder with an optical fiber. It can also be bolted to any standard metric or imperial optical table or optical breadboard plate.

Broadband white light source and transmission holder bolted to an optical breadboard plate
The broadband white light source and transmission holder can be bolted to an optical breadboard

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Dimensions (D x W x H) 30 mm x 70 mm x 40 mm
Weight 25 g
Wavelength Range 360 nm - 900 nm (approx.)
Optical Connection SMA 905 fibre or free space
Power USB type-C (5 V, 70 mA)
Representative Light Output Representative light output
Spectrum with No Intensity Correction Spectrum recorded on the Ossila Optical Spectrometer
Spectrometer software showing white light source spectrum Spectrometer software in dark mode
Spectrometer software showing the spectrum for the Ossila Broadband White Light Source as recorded by the Ossila Optical Spectrometer

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