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Annealing and Cleaning Beaker

Product Code C191
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New size: 45 mm x 41 mm x 100 mm

A polypropylene beaker with glass lid designed to fit our standard substrate rack perfectly. Ideal for a number of experimental techniques where enclosed volumes are required, including solvent vapour annealing and HMDS vapour phase treatments.

These are also great for minimising solvent use to reduce lab costs and environmental impact. Measuring 45 mm x 41 mm x 100 mm, they use between a half and a quarter of the solvent that a standard round beaker would.

Further Information

The video below demonstrates the way in which our polypropylene beaker can be used during the process of cleaning ITO substrates in preparation for fabricating PV / LED devices.

As part of the cleaning routine, the substrates must be sonicated for 5 minutes whilst in isopropyl alcohol (IPA). The tight-fitting lid of the Polypropylene Beaker prevents the IPA from evaporating during this process. The beaker also helps to minimise the amount of IPA required to completely cover the substrates (compared to using a standard glass beaker) thus resulting in less waste.

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