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2HIC, 3-(Dicyanomethylidene)indan-1-one

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3-(Dicyanomethylidene)indan-1-one (2HIC) is electron deficient thus electron withdrawing. It is used as a building block to prepare non-fullerene acceptors (NFAs) such as ITIC, IHIC, IEIC, IXIC for highly efficient organic photovoltaic devices.

3-(Dicyanomethylidene)indan-1-one can also be used for the synthesis of chromophores which exhibit unique photo-physical properties such large second-order optical nonlinearities.

General Information

CAS Number 1080-74-6
Chemical Formula C12H6N2O
Molecular Weight 194.19 g/mol
Full name 3-(Dicyanomethylidene)indan-1-one
Synonyms 2HIC
2-(3-oxo-2 3-dihydro-1h-inden-1-ylidene)malononitrile
Classification / Family Malononitrile, Indanone, Monomer and intermediates, ITIC, None-fullerene acceptors (NFAs), NFA-OSCs, printing electronics

Chemical Structure

ic-2h, 1080-74-6
Chemical structure of 2HIC, CAS 1080-74-6

Product Details

Purity >98% (by NMR)
Melting Point 228 °C (lit.)
Appearance Pale yellow - Reddish yellow

MSDS Documentation


Literature and Reviews

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