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Video: How to Prepare Perovskite Films via Air Processing

This video shows how to prepare a perovskite film while processing in air.

The perovskite precursor ink used was our I101, which is comprised of PbCl2 and MAI at a molar ratio of 1:3 (respectively) in dimethylformamide (DMF). It has been found to be important for the perovskite precursor ink to be processed in air at a humidity in the range of 30-40% rh. Having a processing environment with a higher humidity has a significant affect on the film formation and the resultant perovskite film. See our humidity video for additional information.

The process requires the perovskite precursor solution to be heated to 70°C while the substrates are maintained at a temperature of 90°C. Once the hot solution is spin cast onto the heated substrate, the substrate should be placed on a 90°C hotplate for 90-120 minutes to allow the perovskite film to fully form.

Additional Information

For more information view our I101 product page, view our full fabrication guide, or contact our team.


Video Transcript:

  1. Spin coat precursor ink on to ITO/PEDOT:PSS.
  2. Perovskite precursor films should look bright yellow.
  3. Using a dry cotton bud, wipe the precursor film off the sides of the substrate.
  4. Films should now be annealed at 90°C for 90 minutes.
  5. The films will gradually darken as the precursor is converted to the mixed halide perovskite.
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