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Video: Demonstration of Spin Coating Flexible PET Substrates

A common difficulty (and often asked question) when working with flexible substrates is how to spin coat them for reference devices. This is difficult to achieve using normal spin coaters as the vacuum warps the substrate and creates an uneven film. However, this video demonstrates the use of the Ossila spin coater with flexible PET substrates used to produce flexible OLEDs or photovoltaics at maximum rpm without any issues using the vacuum free chuck. The finished result can be seen in the image below.


Organic photovoltaic built on flexible PET substrate


We've also taken the technique to the extreme, spin coating parafilm to demonstrate the robustness of the process.

Getting started with spin coating

Spin coating is often used as the starting point and reference for many thin film processes - even if they will eventually get mass produced using printing based techniques. Start spin coating devices in your lab: read our spin coating guide, contact our spin coating experts or buy the spin coater featured here.

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