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Materials Science Resources

As part of our mission to help researchers to jump-start their projects and to help our customers get started with our products, we’ve put together a number of written guides, application notes, system overviews, videos, literature reviews and articles. These resources cover the underpinning theory behind our products and their intended applications. In addition, they include a wealth of practical advice which we have learned from decades of research experience. Browse by resource type or product to find what you are looking for or alternatively, navigate to a field-specific page to browse the resources relating to your particular area of interest.

Our most popular resources include our comprehensive practical guide to spin coating, our sheet resistance theory guide and our introductory guide to cyclic voltammetry (with the Ossila Potentiostat). If you need further help with one of our products or advice on their applications, please feel free to contact us to be put in touch with a member of our technical support team. Alternatively, if you do not require a response but would like to make a suggestion, we welcome all comments via our feedback form.

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