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How to Replace Glove Box Gloves

Glove box gloves must be flexible and relatively thin. This allows for movement within the main chamber. The gloves will be the most vulnerable exposure point to air and moisture in your glove box as small holes can easily occur.

If you find any tears, temporarily cover them with black tape.

Glove box glove with small hole
Glove box glove holes can be temporarily covered with black tape.

To replace a glove without exposing the internal environment to air, follow these steps:

1. Push the old glove into the glove box. You need to stop the system purging to allow the gloves to be pushed in and internal pressure to lower.

Glove box glove - push gloves into glove box
Push old glove into the glove box.

2. Once the glove is mostly in, remove one of the O-rings. Next, roll the glove back over the second O-ring as shown below. Make sure that the glove does not roll off the port completely.

Glove box glove - remove one O-ring
Remove one O-ring.
Glove box glove - roll glove over O-ring
Roll the glove lip back over the O-ring.

3. Compress the new glove as much as possible to ensure that minimal air is trapped in it and place it over the port and the old glove 

Glove box glove - compress glove
Compress the new glove.
Glove box glove -  put new glove on
Place the new glove over the old glove and O-ring.

4. Place the O-ring on top of the new glove to secure it in place.

Glove box glove - new glove in place
New glove over old glove.
Glove box glove - o-ring secures glove
Place the other O-ring on top of the new glove.

5. From inside the main glove box chamber, carefully pull the old glove off the port into the main chamber. Use the hand outside of the glove box to ease this movement, ensuring that the new glove stays on the port. This is difficult so proceed carefully.

Glove box glove - pull old glove through
Pull the old glove into the glove box main chamber.

6. Once the old glove and O-ring are in the main chamber, these can be removed through the antechamber.

Glove box glove - take glove out of chamber
Take the old glove out using the antechamber

7. Place the final O-ring on the port, to secure the new glove.

Glove box glove - final o-ring secures glove
Place the new O-ring over the new glove.

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