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Video: How to Clean Substrates for Photovoltaic or OLED Fabrication

This video provides a walk through guide on how to clean substrates for photovoltaic and OLED fabrication.

Achieving a clean substrate is an important first step to fabricating good devices as it allows subsequent layers to be kept clean and defect free.

For effective cleaning of substrates, follow the below steps:

  • 5 minute sonication in hot Hellmanex III
  • Rinse thoroughly twice in hot de-ionised water
  • 5 minute sonication in IPA
  • Rinse thoroughly twice in hot de-ionised water
  • Dry with N2 gun

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Video Transcription

1. Carefully remove each substrate from its packaging and load into the substrate holder one by one.

2. Handle the substrates by their sides, being careful not to make contact with ITO covered area.

3. Place the substrate holder into clean glass beaker filled with boiling dionised water and a little Hellmanex solution.

4. Place the beaker into an ultrasonic bath filled with boiling dionised water and sonicate for 5 minutes.

5. The ultrasonic bath causes rapid vibration to occur around the substrates, aiding the removal of particulates.

6. After 5 minutes sonication, carefully remove the beaker. Take care as the beaker could be hot.

7. The substrates should now be dump rinsed twice in boiling dionised water.

8. It is important to use boiling water to ensure all remaining Hellmanex solution is removed from the substrates.

9. After the dump rinse, make sure to replace the dionised water.

10. The substrates should then be cleaned in isopropyl alcohol.

11. Place the substrates into a polypropylene beaker with a tight-fitting lid.

12. The lid prevents the IPA from evaporating during sonication.

13. The substrates are again placed into the ultrasonic bath. Make sure the dionised water is close to boiling point.

14. Sonicate the substrates for a further 5 minutes.

15. Remove the polypropylene beaker from the bath and carefully remove the lid.

16. Dump rinse the substrates twice again in fresh boiling dionised water to remove all the IPA solution.

17. Remove the substrates one by one from the holder and place them ITO side up on a cleanroom tissue.

18. Hold the substrate with a pair of tweezers and use compressed nitrogen to blow away all the water.

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