FREE shipping to on qualifying orders when you spend or more. All prices ex. VAT.


In addition to free international shipping for qualifying orders using our online checkout, we offer a range of other discounts. We continuously review our pricing to ensure that we provide the best possible value to all our customers and we keep all our pricing completely transparent.

Large Order Discounts

We now provide an 8% discount for all orders above £8,000 and a 10% discount for all orders above a total of £10,000.

Please note that large order discounts are applied per order and do not apply to cumulative or historical orders. Large order discounts are applied automatically at checkout or by our customer care team and may not be applied in addition to any other discount codes or offers.

Large-Batch Semiconducting Polymers

We now offer an increasing range of our polymer semiconductors in larger quantities with associated discounts.

By using scale-up synthesis, we are able to provide you with larger single batches. This enables you to carry out more experiments with the same batch to reduce inconsistency and give you more confidence in your results. At the same time, this lowers the cost of synthesis, allowing us to offer competitive prices.

Academic Institutions

At Ossila it is our goal to provide you with high-quality materials and equipment at affordable prices.

We proudly supply over 1000 institutions worldwide in over 80 countries, including 13 out of the 15 top-ranked universities. Our products are affordable and accessible to all researchers yet have a quality that can meet the most stringent of standards.

With the majority of our customers working in academic institutions, we do not apply specific academic discounts. Rather we aim to supply our products at the best possible price to give the maximum benefit to the entire materials science community. With transparent pricing, you see the prices of our products directly on the website and in our catalogues. This allows you to trust that you are getting the best quality products at the lowest possible cost.

Resellers and Agents

We sell directly to our customers, and are the main point of contact for all customer service and technical support. Therefore, we do not provide discounts to resellers or agents.

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