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Lab Equipment

Ossila delivers high-quality, reliable scientific lab equipment at an affordable price point to enable as many scientists as possible to conduct novel and innovative research.

We are supported by decades of experience in inventing and fabricating laboratory equipment - and we consistently work towards our objective to enable science. To do this, we offer a wide range of processing and test & measurement equipment for material science research. 

Processing Equipment

Our processing equipment is designed to be easy to use, allowing you to deposit and experiment with a wide variety of thin films. These pieces are compatible with one another enabling seamless integration between different units. For example, the spin coating kit is a perfect example of this compatibility.

Our equipment can be easily adapted to suit your specific substrates and experiments. With features like adaptable chuck sizes and by using universal ports on all equipment, customizing this equipment for lab is simple and straightforward.

With this range, we aim to provide both the environment and the means to create smooth uniform films over a range of substrates. In combination with our materials and laboratory supplies, we aim to be a one-stop shop for your fabrication of thin films.

Measurement Equipment

Our Test and Measurement equipment enables effortless and consistent analysis of your samples. The Optical Spectrometer is a versatile tool that can be used to characterise and monitor many samples and reactions. Equipment like the Four Point Probe and Contact Angle Goniometer allow you to probe your thin film characteristics.

We have all the necessary equipment needed to characterize the electrical response of your thin film device, whether that be a photovoltaic, a light emitting diode, or an organic field effect transistor. We have test boards designed for a range of different devices and substrates, each compatible with the Ossila Source Measure Unit. This flexibility allows you to handpick the equipment and design experiments that perfectly align with your lab's requirements.

Furthermore, we also have systems that are more tailored to specific purposes. The Ossila Solar Simulator and Solar Cell Test System, available as a solar cell testing kit, enables quick and easy testing of solar cells. Additionally, the LED measurement system with integrated software means it couldn’t be simpler to measure efficiency and lifetime of your LED or OLED materials. 

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