The New & Improved IV Curve Measurement System

Posted on Mon, Nov 20, 2017 by Chris Bracher

We are constantly looking for ways to make your research easier and more efficient. Our latest attempt at doing so is the IV Curve Measurement System, which has now been upgraded to include an intuitive PC software, along with these new features and benefits listed below.

Intuitive PC Software

The system now includes intuitive, standalone PC software that enables fast and easily repeatable IV measurements. Data is saved to .csv (comma-separated values) files, allowing data to be easily imported into your preferred analysis software. Settings are saved along with data, so you don't have to worry about forgetting the parameters of your experiment.

Solar Cell Characterisation and Lifetime

The new software allows for rapid characterisation of solar cells by calculating key solar cell metrics:

  • Power conversion efficiency
  • Fill factor
  • Short-circuit current density
  • Open-circuit voltage
  • Shunt resistance
  • Series resistance

These metrics can be tracked over time, allowing you to determine the operational stability of your solar cells - and therefore characterise your devices more completely.


Settings Profiles

Settings profiles can be saved and loaded up in this software, helping to speed up repeat measurements. This allows each researcher to have their own settings saved and ready to use, without the hassle of needing to reset everything when someone else uses the system. 


Customisable Measurement

Start and end voltages can both be set anywhere between -10 to 10 V. Similarly, voltage increments as low as 333 µV and up to 10 V can be set. This enables the measurement to be completely customised to your needs. Furthermore, the system can measure currents from as low as 10 nA up to 100 mA, allowing for a wide range of measurements.


Automatic Device-Switching

Now available with our multiplexing smart board, the system offers automatic device-switching. This greatly improves the speed and simplicity of your measurements when using our substrate systems.

Use Your Own Substrates

There is now the option to purchase the system at a reduced price without a test board. This enables you to use your own substrate designs with the source-measure unit and software of the IV Curve Measurement System.



For more information, please head on over to the IV Curve Measurement System product page, or contact us here.




Author: Chris Bracher

Chris joined Ossila in 2016 after completing a PhD in polymer and perovskite solar cells at the University of Sheffield. During his PhD, he gained expertise in photovoltaic device fabrication and characterisation, thin-film solution processing, and the construction of automated testing systems. Formerly part of the OFET and 2D materials teams at Ossila, he now focuses on the development of new test and measurement systems, with an emphasis on software.