Product Upgrade Preview: The Improved X200 Source Measure Unit!

Posted on Wed, Oct 03, 2018 by Ashley Wong

Having listened to customer feedback, we've added several new features to our Source Measure Unit for improved practicality and user experience. As a result, the X200 Source Measure Unit was born!

If you want to set voltages and measure currents in your experiments, but don't have any programming knowledge (or just wish there was a simpler and faster way to collect data), then the redesigned X200 Source Measure Unit is perfect for your needs!

In the short video above, Dr. Nick Scarratt explains and demonstrates some of the X200's key feature upgrades, in comparison to its predecessor (the X100).


Upgrades & Improvements

X200 Source Measure Unit
The X200 Source Measure Unit retains the same core functionality as its predecessor, and has several new upgrades and improvements


Sleek, durable casing: The Source Measure Unit is now fully encased in a static-free metal casing, which protects the internal circuitry.

Outstanding simplicity: With a new easy-to-use PC software included, you can utilise the Source Measure Unit's basic functionality - without needing any programming knowledge!

Easier, integrated user control: You can now adjust the range switches via the PC Software - no need for manual adjustment on the circuit board! The software interface shows you a live feed of the 4 different measurement channels, which can be adjusted and monitored in real-time.

Range capacities doubled: Compared to the X100, the X200's current and accuracy range limits have increased by up to twice as much (full details coming soon).

Convenient BNC connector positioning: The connectors have been rearranged in a sequence that helps reduce the likeliness of your cables getting tangled.

Software-controlled current ranges: For safety and convenience, the current range switches can be controlled using the included PC software - so there is no need for manual adjustment.

Author: Ashley Wong

Hailing from a Psychology background, Ashley has an MSc in Organizational/Work Psychology from the Sheffield University Management School. Prior to joining Ossila, Ashley worked with two multi-national organizations, researching emotional labour in the life insurance industry. In 2017, she successfully led the process of writing & applying for a prestigious Institute of Physics Business Innovation Award, which resulted in Ossila winning its first-ever industrial award.