Now Available: The Ossila Syringe Pump!

Posted on Thu, Apr 20, 2017 by Jon Griffin
We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our range of processing equipment: the Ossila Syringe Pump.


Syringe Pump (dual-syringe version)
The new Ossila Syringe Pump. Model shown: Dual Syringe Pump with two independently controllable syringes.


Our vision behind the syringe pump was to give scientists complete control over the solutions they use in the labs - whether this was for use in the synthesis of new materials, the fabrication of thin-film electronic devices, the study of microfluidics and flow chemistry, or the formation of emulsion.

At Ossila, one of the first uses in our laboratories for the syringe pump was in the fabrication of perovskite-based devices using new ink formulations. The syringe pump is helping us to develop a new series of mixed-halide perovskite inks based upon advanced processing techniques (such as non-solvent quenching). These advanced techniques have helped us push our in-house power conversion efficiency values up to 16.6%.


J-V curve for our record in-house efficiency photovoltaic device using new advanced fabrication techniques.


The Ossila syringe pump is capable of delivering repeatable dispense volumes as low as 2 nanolitres, whilst providing a continuous dispense rate ranging between 1 nl.s­‑1 to as high as 3.3 ml.s‑­1. The syringe pump is available with either one or two independently controllable pumps that can be operated in either the infusion or withdrawal mode. This allows maximum flexibility, for use in a wide variety of experimental setups.


Syringe Pump with independently programmable syringe settings 
The Ossila syringe pump with up to two independently programmable syringe settings.


Due to its universal design, the syringe pump is compatible with a range of syringe styles. These include our disposable Luer Lock plastic syringes (ranging from 1 ml to 50 ml) or low-volume, high-precision syringes such as the Hamilton® Gastight® syringes.

With prices starting at 1400 GBP for our single-syringe pump design and 1800 GBP for our dual-syringe pump design, getting access to high-precision control over your solutions has never been easier. If you wish to find out more about our syringe pump systems, visit our product page or contact us at


Author: Jon Griffin

Jonathan joined Ossila in July 2016 after working as a post-doctoral research associate at the University of Sheffield. During his career as a research scientist, he has worked in a wide range of areas including organic light-emitting diodes, organic photovoltaics, transparent conductors, organic lead-halide perovskites, and scale-up processes in thin-film fabrication. As part of his role at Ossila, Jonathan is responsible for the technical support for several material ranges, including perovskites, organic photovoltaics, graphene and other 2-D materials. In addition, he is also involved in the development of new equipment and product ranges.