The New, Improved Spin Coater

Posted on Tue, Oct 24, 2017 by Ian Firth
Spin Coater | new 2017 Ossila


At Ossila, we are continuously improving our products to provide you the tools that enable innovation in your field. Our original low-cost Spin Coater was the answer to giving more researchers the opportunity to create high-quality coatings.

After combining your valuable customer feedback with the work of our R&D team, Ossila are proud to present the new Spin Coater – designed for busy labs. With this updated version of the Spin Coater, we worked to enhance the practical user experience.

The new Spin Coater will be available in early November (2017), and remains priced at £1950.


Easy-to-use, Anywhere

Working in a glove box or fume hood, you are at an arm’s length away from your work. The New Ossila Spin Coater has been updated to better suit this style of work. The new full-colour TFT screen has more pixels and reduced glare. Furthermore, the screen and keypad now are now angled towards the user’s line of sight, enabling better clarity and visibility - even when used in a glove box.



Dimensions of the New Spin Coater | Ossila 2017
Dimensions of the New Spin Coater.

Lab space is always at a premium.

Measuring just 170 x 225 x 132 mm, the New Ossila Spin Coater is smaller than a shoe box. The unit’s small footprint ensures that finding space for it will never be a problem.

With no gas or vacuum lines, it can easily be moved in and out of a fume hood or glovebox, allowing you to optimise your workspace.


Adjustable Levelling

Our spin coater gives you a built-in method of adjusting the level. The adjustable levelling feet can account for any for uneven surfaces, giving you confidence that your coating is level and that the Spin Coater is at the best operating height for you.


Separate User Profiles for Storing Recipes

Spin Coater Screen | new 2017 Ossila

When multiple people share the same piece of equipment, it can be hard for each person to keep it set up exactly how they need it.

The new integrated software can store your spin coater recipes inside an individual user profile (maximum of 10 profiles). Each user profile can store up to 10 recipes with 50 steps each, so everyone in your research group can quickly access all of their own recipes.


Still Vacuum-free & Hassle-free

The original Ossila Spin Coater freed researchers from the need to buy, install, and maintain vacuum lines to spin coat their substrates. The New Spin Coater retains these beneficial features, allowing for top quality coating to be available at significantly reduced running costs.


Immediate Setup

Without needing to be connected to a vacuum line or a computer, the New Spin Coater is truly plug-and-play. Whether in a fume hood, in a glove box, or on a workbench, it is quick and easy to set up.


So keep a look out for the arrival of the new Ossila Spin Coater in just a few weeks!



Author: Ian Firth

Ian graduated from The University of Sheffield with a Master’s degree in Chemistry. Initially starting his career at Ossila with a part-time position on the workshop floor, Ian has risen to be Production Manager of the lab equipment in Ossila’s catalogue. As such, Ian has built one of almost every type of equipment that we sell. He now focuses on ensuring that our equipment is ready to be shipped efficiently, without compromising on the quality that Ossila customers can expect.