New Release: FTO Glass Substrates for High Performance Photovoltaic Devices

Posted on Wed, Jul 13, 2016 by Lucy Roberts

Ossila’s R&D team have spent the past few weeks developing a range of Fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO) glass substrates that can be used in the fabrication of high performance photovoltaic devices alongside our current range of deposition and measurement products. FTO glass is a crucial component in the fabrication of high performance perovskite, dye sensitised, cadmium telluride, and amorphous silicon photovoltaic devices.


FTO glass

The range of FTO glass substrates now available are:

- TEC 8 FTO Glass (2.2mm)

Ossila’s TEC 8 FTO glass offers the highest conductivity for applications where low series resistances are crucial.

- TEC 10 FTO Glass (1.1mm/3.2mm)

Ossila’s TEC 10 FTO glass offers both high conductivity and high surface uniformity where both properties are crucial for the fabrication of high performance electronic devices.

- TEC 15 FTO Glass (2.2mm)

Ossila’s TEC 15 FTO glass offers the highest surface uniformity for applications where thin films are to be used.


In addition to this new range, we have a range of complimentary products that will allow for easier processing of the FTO glass including 2.2mm substrate racks, 3.2mm substrate racks, and etching kits. We have also produced a guide on how to etch the different types of FTO glass and how to clean them post etching to allow for the fabrication of our standard 8-pixel design for use in photovoltaics.

For more information on these new products and for etching, and cleaning guides see the FTO glass product page.