New Guide Available: Ossila's Guide to OLED Testing (Lifetime & Performance)

Posted on Tue, May 30, 2017 by Ashley Wong

Whether you are new to the world of testing OLEDs, or just want to try a new method of doing so, we have created a detailed video and written guide to OLED testing aimed at providing a helpful overview of the subject. Specifically, this guide covers two basic types of OLED testing - general performance testing and lifetime testing.



Written by Ossila's Marie Curie EU Excilight Network PhD student, Marco Collela, this guide offers a step-by-step outline of OLED charaterisation and measurement, all from a researcher's perspective. It covers the procedures, data collection methods, equipment needed and data extrapolation methods. For this guide, we used our OLED Lifetime System, consisting of: an XtralienTM X100 Source Meter, a Multiplexor Test Board and a photodiode lid.


Lifetime extrapolation from accelerated tests. The black circles represent the experimental data. The dashed line represents the fit.

We took care to include a particularly detailed summary on data extrapolation, delving into two specific extrapolation methods: Stretched Exponential Decay (SED) and Accelerated Lifetime Testing.

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P.S. We will be making a corresponding OLED Fabrication Guide and video very soon, so keep a look out for that in the near future!

Author: Ashley Wong

Hailing from a Psychology background, Ashley has an MSc in Organizational/Work Psychology from the Sheffield University Management School. Prior to joining Ossila, Ashley worked with two multi-national organizations, researching emotional labour in the life insurance industry. In 2017, she successfully led the process of writing & applying for a prestigious Institute of Physics Business Innovation Award, which resulted in Ossila winning its first-ever industrial award.