Getting to Know Our Student Award Winners

Posted on Wed, Aug 10, 2016 by Lucy Roberts

Meet One of Our Outstanding Students - Oliver Spenceley

Oliver (pictured below) is studying for a Masters degree at The University of Sheffield in Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys socialising and being out in the countryside, but his real passion has always been science and technology. Oliver joined Ossila back in May 2015 and has been an invaluable member of the team ever since. Recently his hard work and commitment has been rightfully recognised at the Student Employee of the Year Awards, Where, along with his colleague Hadi, Oliver was awarded the Institutional and Regional Award for commercial impact and was highly commended at National level!


Ossila SEOTY Award winners

Pictured: Oliver (left) and Hadi (right) picking up their awards at the National SEOTY Awards.

We asked Oliver a few questions about his day-to-day role at Ossila...

"Each day I will generally be doing something new and exciting based on what is in the project pipeline. I work closely with electrical engineers and the production manager in the research and development team, where we design, develop and manufacture some of Ossila's best selling products."

How would you describe working at Ossila?

"Working at Ossila can be very demanding and challenging at times, particularly in term time, but it is always highly rewarding to reach a viable solution. Along with the amazing people that work here, this is what makes Ossila such a great company to work for."

"Ossila has provided me with many opportunities to apply the theory that I have learnt while studying for my degree and put it into practice. It has also given me insight into the workings of a quickly expanding company in an exciting and fast-paced environment."

How have you managed to stay on top of your studies whilst working part-time at Ossila? 

"Juggling work and university can certainly get very difficult and stressful, however one of the great things about Ossila is that everyone here has been through university and so they are very understanding about workloads! I am very grateful to have been granted the flexibility to accommodate the irregular working pattern I tend to have during term time due to balancing labs, projects and group assignments."

How did you feel when you received the nomination for SEOTY? 

"I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email stating that James Kingsley, the managing director of Ossila, had nominated the team I work in for a SEOTY award. Receiving the commercial impact nomination meant a lot to me because it shows that the work I do has been recognised by my peers, of whom I can't thank enough! Winning the institutional and regional SEOTY awards has really motivated me to work even harder and continue to develop myself."

Oliver plans to continue his career in engineering with the aim to secure chartered status with the IMECHE. He would love to continue working at Ossila if that were possible.