Xtralien Has Landed

Posted on Fri, Jul 24, 2015 by James Kingsley

Ossila is pleased to announce the launch of the Xtralien X100 - a new type of multi-purpose instrument to make the characterisation of semiconductors and nano devices quicker and easier (and lower cost).

Xtralien started in 2014 as a summer project within Ossila to see if we could build on the open-source hardware movement; in order to produce a precision test and measurement instrument for professional scientists and engineers. The project was so technically successful that we've now launched Xtralien as its own spin-out company in order to continue the development of open-source instrumentation.

The first product is the X100 which incorporates two source-measure units and two precision voltage sense channels, and can be used for measuring a wide array of semiconductor and device types; from silicon photodiodes to bio-impedance sensors. The 24 bit ADC and precision front-end instrument amplifiers give great performance, while the board-only design driven by a microprocessor from the open-source world keeps the price at a fraction of normal scientific instruments.

 Xtralien TMX1 Source Measure Unit

Xtralien is now hardware complete with great performance and we're busily writing demo code for customers. Take advantage of our early stage software concierge service - find out more on the Xtralien X100 source measure unit page here or contact us today.