Students from The University of Sheffield get to grips with the Xtralien X100

Posted on Thu, May 19, 2016 by Lucy Roberts

Students from The University of Sheffield's physics department have been using the Xtralien X100 to conduct an LED experiment, with the help of Nick from the Xtralien team. 

The experiment was part of their third year Industrial Group Project which involved an industrial client posing a problem that is then worked on by the students over two semesters to resolve. This project has really helped demonstrate the how the X100 can be utilised as a resource for teaching and learning.    

The students produced this video showcasing what was achieved: 


This video was created mid-way through the project and following on from this towards the end of the project the students were able to produce some really fantastic results. More to follow on this...

Below are some photos taken throughout the project:


Students use the X100   UoS use the Xtralien

Student Xtralien Presentations   Student Presentations Xtralien

 (Credit for photos and video go to students and staff from the physics department)