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Accessories and Consumables

Suitable for use under various processing conditions, these are the accessories and consumables that we use in the Ossila lab to standardise our methodology, improve efficiency and increase the reproductivity of our experiments. Our range of high quality accessories and consumables for materials science labs includes products for making and testing solutions, cleaning and preparing substrates and fabricating, encapsulating, and electrically measuring thin-film devices.

To help you to keep your lab well stocked and to support our range of equipment and materials, we've made these accessories available at the lowest possible prices with free worldwide shipping on all qualifying orders. The newest addition to our range of accessories, our electrochemical cell kit, is now available from just £420 (even less when bought with our Potentiostat) and includes a standard or Luggin type electrochemical cell plus a platinum disc working electrode, platinum wire counter electrode, and non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ reference electrode.

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