Solution Preparation, Made Easy

Posted on Mon, Dec 04, 2017 by Anannya Kumarvel

Whether in workshops or our own labs, we've always understood and emphasised the importance of the little things. For example, take the simple pipette tip or syringe filter - these simple accessories are often overlooked in favour of other shiny new pieces of equipment. However, even the most advanced equipment in the world will fail to give you accurate results if the fundamental steps are not carried out properly. Therefore, a basic step like solution preparation is truly a vital part of conducting experiments.

There are many aspects of solution preparation to consider, such as:

  • Using clean implements to ensure minimal contamination
  • Measuring accurate volumes of solution to get the desired concentration
  • Filtering your solution to remove any particulates
  • Vials to store solutions in that will not react with the solvents you are using


Solution Making Collection


To enable you to prepare your solutions as easily and efficiently as possible, Ossila have sourced a range of new consumables and equipment. This range includes:

For more information on this product range, visit the Solution-Making Equipment & Consumables section on our accessories page.