PDPP3T, PBDB-T and ITIC Added to our OPV Materials

Posted on 17 Jan 09:34

We constantly update our OPV materials catalogue so we can be at the frontier of organic photovoltaic research, bringing you new materials for your research interests. 

With PCE over 12%, ITIC (a small molecule semiconductor) together with PBDB-T (PCE12) have topped the record of the OPV devices. Both these materials, along with PDPP3T, are now available from Ossila. See below for a summary of the materials.


ITIC shows strong and broad absorption characteristics in the visible to near-infrared regions, and appropriate energy levels matched with low-band gap donor polymers.


Full name 3,9-bis(2-methylene-(3-(1,1-dicyanomethylene)-indanone))-5,5,11,11-tetrakis(4-hexylphenyl)-dithieno[2,3-d:2’,3’-d’]-s-indaceno[1,2-b:5,6-b’]dithiophene
Structure chemical structure of ITIC
Synonyms ITIC
Chemical formula C94H82N4O2S4
CAS number n/a
Molecular weight 1427.94
HOMO / LUMO HOMO = -5.48 eV, LUMO = -3.83 eV


See ITIC product page for full details.



PBDB-T (PCE12) is one of the top donor materials for OPVs. PCEs over 12% were reported with excellent thermal stability [2,3]. With matching HOMO energy levels, PBDB-T could also be potentially used as a hole-transport layer material (HTL) for perovskite solar cells.


Full name Poly[(2,6-(4,8-bis(5-(2-ethylhexyl)thiophen-2-yl)-benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b’]dithiophene))-alt-(5,5-(1’,3’-di-2-thienyl-5’,7’-bis(2-ethylhexyl)benzo[1’,2’-c:4’,5’-c’]dithiophene-4,8-dione)]
Structure chemical structure of pce12, PBDB-T
Synonyms PCE12, PBDB-T
Chemical formula (C68H78O2S8)n
CAS number 145929-80-4
Molecular weight M1001: MW = 117,406 / MN = 58,737 / PDI = 2.0
HOMO / LUMO HOMO = -5.33 eV, LUMO = -2.92 eV


See PBDB-T product page for full details.



PDPP3T can be used as an active-layer material for OPV and OFET devices. Being electron-rich, it is also used as an effective spiro-OMeTAD replacement HTL material for perovskite solar cells.


Full name Poly{2,2′-[(2,5-bis(2-hexyldecyl)-3,6-dioxo-2,3,5,6- tetrahydropyrrolo[3,4-c ]pyrrole-1,4-diyl)dithiophene]- 5,5′-diyl-alt-thiophen-2,5-diyl}
Structure Chemical structure of PDPP3T
Synonyms PDPP3T
Chemical formula (C50H72N2O2S3)n
CAS number 1198291-01-8
Molecular weight M991: MW = 66,759 / MN = 31,505 / PDI = 2.12
HOMO / LUMO HOMO = -5.17 eV, LUMO = -3.61 eV


See PDPP3T product page for full details.