Ossila Launches Ossila European Fulfilment Ltd.

Posted on Tue, Jun 01, 2021 by Laurence Cole
The Ossila EU guarantee protects customers against Brexit related issues

Ossila is proud to be part of the global scientific community. We have customers from all over the world, including throughout Europe. Although the United Kingdom is no longer part of the single market, we have been working hard to ensure that our European customers still experience the same quality of service from us that they have come to expect over the last 10 years.

To help us to do this, we have set up Ossila European Fulfilment Ltd. This new company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ossila Ltd. based in Northern Ireland and gives us access to new and more efficient shipping routes, which in turn will allow us to continue to provide frictionless trade between Ossila and all our customers in the EU and EEC.

Our EU/EEC Guarantee

We first introduced our EU/EEC guarantee last year in response to the political uncertainty last year surrounding trade between the UK and the EU/EEC. Building on the more general Ossila Guarantee, our EU/EEC guarantee promises an uninterrupted service and covers against any unexpected costs, including customs fees and sales taxes.

As part of our EU/EEC guarantee, we actively monitor and manage customs clearance on all our orders so that we can deal with any issues that might arise in a timely manner. Thanks to our experience in international shipping, in many cases we can provide excellent service from our main location in the UK, but the launching of Ossila European Fulfilment Ltd will help us to better serve some of our EU and EEC customers.

Hassle-Free Deliveries with no Hidden Costs

For customers in Europe, the launch of Ossila European Fulfillment Ltd means “business as usual”. All customers in the EU or EEC can continue to enjoy hassle and tarif free deliveries whenever you order from Ossila. In addition, we are still charging 0% VAT on eligible orders so that customers with a valid EU VAT number can save on sales taxes upfront.

Dangerous Goods (DGs) will still be fulfilled by Ossila Ltd, but other orders to Europe may be fulfilled by either Ossila Ltd or Ossila European Fulfilment Ltd depending on which shipping route we believe to be the most advantageous.

Please note that in order to facilitate this, all online orders to the EU/EEC will now be processed by Ossila European Fulfillment Ltd. and as a result, your data will be shared between Ossila Ltd and Ossila European Fulfilment Ltd. Please see our privacy policy or EU/EEC guarantee page for more information, and if you have any questions or wish to discuss specific VAT or shipping requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team.

Find out more about our EU/EEC guarantee or contact us if you have any questions