New Guide Available: Spin Coating Difficult Solutions

Posted on Thu, Apr 18, 2019 by Emma Spooner
Striations shown in a film spin coated from a volatile solution

Spin coating is a great technique to easily deposit thin films, but is easier for some materials than others. Solutions with poor solubility, or those that are very volatile/viscous can cause difficulties when spin coating - especially if they don’t wet well to the substrate. This means that non-uniform or incomplete films can be formed, often leading to poor device performance.

In the latest guide by our PhD student Emma Spooner, we discuss some of the reasons why non-uniform films happen, and the techniques that you can use to improve them in order to achieve better device performance. You can read more here - Spin Coating: A Guide to Coating Difficult Solutions.

Author: Emma Spooner

Emma is currently pursuing a PhD in Fullerene-Free Photovoltaic Devices at the University of Sheffield in collaboration with Ossila.