New Guide Available: Black Phosphorus (Phosphorene)

Posted on Tue, Nov 20, 2018

Black phosphorus is one of the four allotropes of elemental phosphorus.  A monolayer of black phosphorus is known as phosphorene, in the same way that graphene is a monolayer of graphite. The term is also often used to describe several stacked monolayers, alternatively known as ‘few-layer phosphorene’ or ‘few-layer black phosphorus’.

Phosphorene was only isolated in 2014 via mechanical exfoliation. Due to the fascinating properties it possesses (e.g. a widely tunable bandgap), phosphorene is set to be the next "wonder" material in 2D optoelectronics. You can learn more about the brilliant properties and applications of phosphorene in Ossila's new guide: Black Phosphorus (Phosphorene).


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