New Bundle Deal: Spin Coater + Syringe Pump

Posted on Thu, Jun 06, 2019 by Ashley Wong

Spin Coater and Syringe Pump bundle

With our newly-launched package deal, you can now purchase the award-winning Spin Coater + Syringe Pump together and save money off the regular retail price! The package deal also includes a FREE adapter to connect both pieces of equipment together, giving you precise and automatic control over your spin coating. You can choose from either the single or dual Syringe Pump variants.

By connecting the Syringe Pump and Spin Coater with the FREE adapter, you can implement complex multi-step processes in your experiments, such as:

  • Perovskite anti-solvent quenching (by dispensing a solvent a precise duration after the initial solution is applied)
  • Rapid multi-layer coating
  • In-situ reactions of components during coating
  • Improving wetting (by pre-coating surfaces with a carrier solvent or monolayer)

The adapter allows up to four different streams of solution to be dispensed (using the tubing provided). Standard manual dispense can also be carried out by using the hole in the center of the adapter.

For more information on the bundle, you can visit the product page here: Spin Coater + Syringe Pump Bundle